Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jean Denis Blanc

I first met Jean Denis when he was living in Buenos Aires. Like myself, he's a world-traveler, originally from Marseilles. Jean Denis has a real electric personality and is a riot to be with.

I took this photo in November of 1999 in his department which, since his depature from Buenos Aires, has become mine.

Brunch in Buenos Aires

A group of friends of mine in Buenos Aires on the roof of my apartment building where I hosted a Brunch. While I drink mate and eat dulce de leche, I also try to introduce the best of American culture. Naturally this includes Sunday brunches and champagne and grapefruit juice mimosas.

Photo taken in June of 2000.

Hugh Dubberly

Hugh is a friend of mine who lives out in California. I often hit him up for design and typography advice.

I took this photo in June of 1999 on the Netscape office campus in Mountain View. I worked in his group there the previous summer.

Lauren Geetter

Lauren is a fellow American expat I met in Buenos Aires. She's back in the States now, but I we would often chatter endlessly on the phone while I cleaned my apartment, sharing totally unnecessary personal details and racking up local toll charges.

Helen Hobbs (my grandmother)

My grandmother. Photo taken in July of 1999 when I went to visit my grandparents in Salem, Indiana, where they live.

My Father at Bar Dorrego in Buenos Aires

My dad came down to Buenos Aires in June of 2000. I took this as we grabbed a cafe con leche in Bar Dorrego in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo.

German Isaurralde

German is a friend of mine who lives in Rosario. We work at the same company, altho we know eachother through mutual friends.

I took this photo as part of a series involving the very cheap pizzeria Ugi's. This was sometime around March of 2000.


Marcos is one of my best friends in Buenos Aires. I took this picture with his Mom on a trip down to Mar del Plata in October of 1999, where he's originally from.

Justin Miller

I first met Justin when I was a freshman at Harvard and he was studying CS just down Mass Ave. at MIT. He's extremely thoughtful and bright and I often seek out his opinion on many things. And he's gracious enough to respond.

I took this photo in spring of 1999 on the banks of the Charles in Cambridge.

Update: Justin passed away in 2008.

Chris Tilgman

I shared a suite with Chris my junior year at Harvard in Mather House. I snapped this as we lined up to march up to the Yard for our Commencement in June of 1999.

Eric Westby

Eric is a good friend who lives in Cambridge. I appreciate his incisive wit and sense of humor. He's one of the rare people I can talk to for hours and never get bored or run out of topics.

Matt Winters

I've known Matt since high school when we were both in the fall production of "God's Country". Fortunately we both went East for college; him to Brown and me to Harvard, and have managed to remain good friends all this time.

Matt early on gave me lots of photo advice. Here, I had just gotten my Pentax K1000 and Matt is expounding on shutter speeds, f-stops, contrast, composition, etc. This photo is from April of 1999.

Jean Denis & Javier

Taken on a street in San Telmo, just outside of a Parrilla. February, 2000.

Javier Zapiola

Javier is one of my best friends in Buenos Aires. He's an actor and very lively and funny. He has been very gracious teaching me the worst and most vulgar lunfardo words.

Photo is from September 1999.