Thursday, May 28, 2009

Books I have read

You can tell a lot about someone by what books they have read. I present you my list, in chronological order, with very little comentary. "***" means I really liked the book, and I've linked it to Amazon. "~~~" means I really hated it. The rest I'll leave up to you.
Gladwell, Malcom
Foundation Asimov, Isaac ***
Foundation and Empire Asimov, Isaac ***
Emprise Kube-McDowell, Micheal
Enigma Kube-McDowell, Micheal
Empery Kube-McDowell, Micheal
Second Foundation Asimov, Isaac ***
Foundation's Edge Asimov, Isaac
Foundation and Earth Asimov, Isaac
Nemisis Asimov, Isaac
The Puritan Dilema Morgan
Prelude to Foundation Asimov, Isaac
Nightfall Asimov, Isaac and Silverberg, Robert
The Quiet Pools Kube-McDowell, Micheal
Imperial Earth Clarke, Arthur
Rendezvous With RamaClarke, Arthur ***
Rama II Clarke, Arthur and Lee, Gentry
The Garden of Rama Clarke, Arthur and Lee, Gentry
I, RobotAsimov, Isaac ***
Songs of Distant Earth Clarke, Arthur
The Naked Sun Asimov, Isaac
The Currents of Space Asimov, Isaac
The Stars Like Dust Asimov, Isaac
The Agony and the Ecstasy Stone, Irving
The Turner Thesis Turner, Frederick Jackson
Beyond the Fall of Night Clarke, Arthur and Benford, Gregory
The Robots of Dawn Asimov, Isaac
The Fountains of Paradise Clarke, Arthur
Robots and Empire Asimov, Isaac
Childhood's EndClarke, Arthur ***
Cradle Clarke, Arthur and Lee, Gentry
The Sum of All Fears Clancy, Tom
The End of Eternity Asimov, Isaac
Homage to Catalonia Orwell, George
All I Really Needed to KnowFulghum, Robert
It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It Fulghum, Robert
A Brief History of Time Hawking, Steven
American Pageant Textbook
The Catacomb Years Bishop, Micheal
Fatherland Harris, Robert
2061 Clarke, Arthur
Becoming A Man Monette, Paul
Animal Farm Orwell, George
An Alien Light Kress, Nancy
Chemistry Textbook
Sex, Art, and American Culture Paglia, Camille
The Once and Future King White, T. H.
Applied Calculus Textbook
More Than One Universe Clarke, Arthur
Forward the Foundation Asimov, Isaac
The Pelican Brief Grisham, John
The Firm Grisham, John
Sphere Critchton, Micheal
The FountainheadRand, Ayn ***
In PatagoniaChatwin, Bruce ***
Atlas ShruggedRand, Ayn ***
A Time to Kill Grisham, John
The Hammer of God Clarke, Arthur
The Secret Sharer Conrad, Joseph
And The Band Played OnShilts, Randy ***
We The Living Rand, Ayn
Anthem Rand, Ayn
The Glass Menagerie Williams, Tennesee
The Night of January 16th Rand, Ayn ~~~
Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky, Fyodor
God's Country Dietz, Steven
The Man Who Used The Universe Foster, Alan Dean
Dragon's Egg Forward, Robert
Time Master Forward, Robert ~~~
Siddhartha Hesse, Herman
Ayn Rand Baker, James
Martian Rainbow Forward, Robert ~~~
Mars Bova, Ben
The City Not Long After Murphy, Par
Rama Revealed Clarke, Arthur and Lee, Gentry ~~~
The Mayor of Castro StreetShilts, Randy ***
A Streetcar Named Desire Williams, Tennnesee
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Stoppard, Tom
Waiting for Godot Beckett, Samuel
Peacekeepers Bova, Ben
Privateers Bova, Ben
Empire Builders Bova, Ben
Red MarsRobinson, Kim Stanley ***
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Heinlein, Robert ***
Night Weilsel, Elie
Green MarsRobinson, Kim Stanley ***
More Tales of the City Maupin, Armistead
Earthlight Clarke, Arthur
Postman Brin, David
The Dark Beyond the Stars Robinson, Frank
Ender's GameCard, Orson Scott ***
Speaker for the DeadCard, Orson Scott ***
The Forever WarHaldeman, Joe ***
The Man in the High CastleDick, Phillip ***
Xenocide Card, Orson Scott
Gateway Pohl, Frederick
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick, Phillip K.
Solar Lottery Dick, Phillip K.
The DispossessedLeGuin, Ursula K. ***
The Left Hand of DarknessLeGuin, Ursula K. ***
The Peron Novel Martinez, Tomas Eloy
The Old World and The New: 1492 Elliot, John H
Neuromancer Gibson, William ~~~
Moving Mars Bear, Gregory
The Hot Zone Preston, Richard
Hyperion Simmons, Dan
A Place at the Table Bawer, Bruce
Fall of Hyperion Simmons, Dan
A Wizard of EarthseaLeGuin, Ursula K. ***
A Canticle for LeibowitzMiller, Walter ***
The Demolished Man Bester, Alfred
The Stars My Destination Bester, Alfred
The Character of Physical Law Feynman
DuneHerbert, Frank ***
The Bridge of San Luis ReyWilder, Thorton ***
The Clocks Christie, Agatha
A Fire Upon the Deep Vinge, Vernor
Dawn Weisel, Elie
The Green Hills of Earth Heinlein, Robert ~~~
Lovelock Card, Orson Scott
One Hundred Years of SolitudeGarcia-Marquez, Gabriel ***
Remembering Denny Trillin, Calvin
The Art of the Long View Schwartz, Peter
Peddling ProperityKrugman, Paul ***
Peace War Vinge, Vernor
Marooned in Realtime Vinge, Vernor
True Names Vinge, Vernor
Permutation City Egan, Greg
Dancer From The DanceHolleran, Andrew ***
Magic's Pawn Lackey, Mercedes ~~~
Armchair Economist Landsburg, Steven
Queer in America Signorile, Michelangelo ~~~
Blue Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley
Quarantine Egan, Greg
The Swimming Pool Library Hollinghurst, Alan
River Out of Eden Dawkins, Richard
The Folding StarHollinghurst, Alan ***
Queer William S. Bourroughs
Snow Queen Vinge, Joan D.
Bastard Out of Carolina Allison, Dorothy
The Remains of the Day Ishiguro, Kazuo
The Kitchen God's Wife Tan, Amy
The Lost World Crichton, Michael
Beloved Morrison, Toni
Stones for IbarraDoerr, Harriet ***
Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson, David
Days of Obligation Rodriguez, Richard
The Bean Trees Kingsolver, Barbarh
The Blind Watchmaker Dawkins, Richard
The Hobbit Tolkien, J.R.R
A Place I'Ve Never Been Leavitt, David ***
The Fellowship of the Ring Tolkein, J.R.R.
The Two Towers Tolkein, J.R.R.
The Return of the King Tolkein, J.R.R.
Our Man in HavanaGreene, Graham ***
The Mote in God's Eye NIven, Larry & J. Pournelle
High Fidelity Hornby, Nick
Lonesome Dove McMurtry, Larry
The Diamond Age Stephenson, Neal
Invisible Man Ellison, Ralph
The Rapture of Canaan Reynolds, Sheri
And Then There Were None Christie, Agatha
The Name of the Rose Eco, Umberto
The House of the SpiritsAllende, Isabel ***
The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar
A Civil Action Harr, Jonathan
Ship Fever Barret, Andrea
Family Dancing Leavitt, David
Arkansas Leavitt, David
Barrel Fever Sedaris, David
O Pioneers! Cather, Willa
A Thousand AcresSmiley, Jane ***
Ceremony Silko, Leslie Marmon
Refuge Williams, Terry Tempest
Into the Wild Krakauer, John
Distress Egan, Greg
Snow Crash Stephenson, Neal
Guns, Germs, and SteelDiamond, Jared ***
Native Son Wright, Richard
Sweet Soul Music Guralnick, Peter
Gay New York Chauncey, George
On Heroes and Tombs Sabato, Ernesto
The Honorary Consul Greene, Graham
Antarctica Robinson, Kim Stanley
Common GroundLukas, Anthony ***
Kiss of the Spider Woman Puig, Manuel
A State of Fear Graham-Yooll, Andrew
The Wedding of Zein Salih, Tayyib
After the Despots Graham-Yooll, Andrew
Into Thin Air Krakauer, Jon
Visual Display of Quantitative Information Tufte, Edward
Investment Biker Rogers, Jim
Where I'm Calling From Carver, Raymond
Permission Marketing Godin, Seth
Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion Caldini, Robert
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing Greenspun, Philip
The Design of Everyday Things Norman, Donald
The Orchid TheifOrlean, Susan
Understanding ComicsScott McCloud
Maus, I & IISpiegelman, Art
On PhotographySontag, Susan ***
Designing Web UsabilityNielsen, Jakob
Yanomamo: The Fierce PeopleChagnon, Napoleon
The War of the End of the WorldLLosa, Mario Vargas
The Death of Artemio CruzFuentes, Carlos
Seven Dials MysteryChristie, Agatha
Murder at the VicarageChristie, Agatha
Mrs. DallowayWoolf, Virginia
The HoursCunningham, Michael ***
A Universal History of ImfamyBorges, Jorge Luis
Foucault's PendulumEco, Umberto
A Map of the WorldHamilton, Jane
Gabriella, Clove and CinnamonAmado, Jorge
Inside the SkyLangewiesche, William ***
Kitchen ConfidentialBourdain, Anthony
DisgraceCoetzee, J.M.
SunnyvaleGoodell, Jeff
The Tipping PointGladwell, Malcom
Demonic MalesWrangham, Richard
Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of WonderWenschler, Lawrence
The Art of InnovationKelly, Tom
The SpellHollinghurst, Alan
A Home at the End of the WorldCunningham, Michael
Flesh and BloodCunningham, Michael
The IntuitionistWhitehead, Colson
From Bauhaus to Our HouseWolfe, Tom
Buildings That LearnBrand, Stewart
Confessions of an Advertising ManOgilvy, David
The BeachGarland, Alex
The Secret HistoryTartt, Donna
Independence DayFord, Richard ***
ClassFussel, Paul
City of QuartzDavis, Mike
Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilBrendt, John
The Heart that BleedsGuillermoprieto, Alma
Looking for HistoryGuillermoprieto, Alma
The Naked Civil ServantCrisp, Quentin
Memory of Fire: GenesisGaleano, Eduardo
PeoplewareDeMarco, Tom & Lister, Timothy
Delirious New YorkKoolhaus, Rem
Sahara UnveiledLangewiesche, William
The Other PathDe Soto, Hernando
The CorrectionsFranzen, Jonathan
The Story of ArtGombrich, Ernst
The SportswriterFord, Richard
Invisible CitiesCalvino, Italo
Rivertown: Two Years on the YangtzeHessler, Peter
American GroundLangewiesche, William
RagtimeDoctorow, E.L.
SymposiumSpark, Muriel
What am I doing here?Chatwin, Bruce
Anthropologist on MarsSacks, Oliver
Island of the ColorblindSacks, Oliver
MoneyballLewis, Michael
Slouching Towards BethlemhemDidion, Joan
Before Night FallsArenas, Reinaldo
Farewell SymphonyWhite, Edmund
Plagues & PeoplesMcNeill, William
Oaxaca JournalSacks, Oliver
The Years of Rice and SaltRobinson, Kim Stanley
The Beautiful Room is EmptyWhite, Edmund
Cleopatra's Wedding PresentMoss, Robert Tewdwr
SonglinesChatwin, Bruce
Sheltering SkyBowles, Paul
The Outlaw SeaLangweische, William
Paris to the MoonGopnik, Adam
The Autobiography of Alice B. ToklasStein, Gertrude
The Shipping NewsProulx, Annie
AmsterdamMcEwan, Ian
A Death in BrazilRobb, Peter
Reading Lolita in TehranNafisi, Azar
The Happy Isles of OceaniaTheroux, Paul
Midnight's ChildrenRushdie, Salman
The Line of BeautyHollinghurst, Alan ***
The Death and Life of Great American CitiesJacobs, Jane
Blue HighwaysLeast Heat Moon, William
AtonementMcEwan, Ian
Maximum CitySuketu, Mehta
SaturdayMcEwan, Ian
City of BonesConnolly, Michael
Reversible ErrorsTurow, Scott
The NarrowsConnelly, Michael
Devil in a Blue DressMosley, Walter
The Black IceConnelly, Michael
The White AlbumDidion, Joan
The SearchBattelle, John
Oracle BonesHessler, Peter ***
1491Mann, Charles
PrepSittenfeld, Curtis
The ClosesrsConnelly, Michael
The Ghost MapJohnson, Steven
The Blind SideLewis, Michael
The Places in BetweenStewart, Rory
The Faith Healer of Olive AvenueMu├»¿½oz, Manuel
The Last CoyoteConnelly, Michael
Daughter of FortuneAllende, Isabel
You Can RunArcher, Jesse
Brief Encounters with Che GuevaraFountain, Ben
Wyoming StoriesProulx, Annie
A Darkness More Than NightConnelly, Michael
KnifeboyWilliams, Tod Harrison

Some Comentary

In 1992 I visited my grandparents in Indiana for a week. Fearing boredom I brought along a few Isaac Asimov books. I knew he wrote science fiction and altho I had never really read any books for pleasure before this, I thought it might be interesting. In the stack at the library I noticed a lot of his titles had the word "Foundation" in it. I figured this would be a good place to start. Little did I know this would set off a years-long love affair with science fiction.

When I started college stopped reading so much, altho looking at my list you wouldn't necessarily see it. The year I took off to travel across Latin America (96-97), I read a lot. I don't read too much science fiction anymore, which is too bad. I miss the sense of wonderment and the dreaming it inspired within me.